We are proud of the excellence in teaching and learning that we strive for. We are comprised of highly qualified administrators, teachers, and staff. Our objectives are to inspire the mind, create a passion for learning, and to educate for success in life.

Message from the Superintendent:

To effectively educate children, there must be a very close partnership among parents, educators, and the community. We recognize our role in this important process and appreciate the trust you as parents place in us to educate your children. It is a responsibility we take very seriously and work hard to provide a quality education for every student.

The Sevier School District Board of Education and District Administration work hard to recruit and retain outstanding teachers, administrators, and support staff. Nearly two-thirds of the professional staff (ie. teachers and administrators) in Sevier District have advanced degrees. We continually improve our professional skills and knowledge in order to provide every student the opportunity for an excellent education. Though we are not perfect, we earnestly strive to meet the learning needs of every student. Your support in this endeavor is greatly appreciated.

- Myron Mickelsen, Superintendent

District Office

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New common core standards have been released. Click the read more link for more information.

    Common Core Facts Feb 28, 2012


Sevier School District News
Karen G. Pace – 896-8214
August 5, 2011


Lunch prices in Sevier School District are not going up. Regular individual price per day is $1.85 for elementary students, $2.00 for both middle and high school students, and $3.00 for adults. The price for breakfast is $1.25 at the elementary schools, $1.50 at the middle schools and high schools, and $2.00 for adults. Students may purchase extra milk for $.40 or a juice drink for $.25. One milk choice is provided as part of the meal. Students and adults must pay for any additional beverage.